Join us Sunday April 14 as we show a one-hour compilation of the suppressed documentary The Lobby.

Using undercover techniques, the film relies primarily on footage using a hidden cameras.

The Lobby is a series of four documentaries produced by Al Jazeera that investigate the influence of the Israel lobby in the United Kingdom and United States and their relationship to the BDS movement.

The event is free, although a basket for donations is available for support of operating expenses. Discussion to follow this one hour showing.

Joyce Beers Community Center is in Hillcrest, in the Hillcrest HUB shopping center.

3900 Vermont Ave, San Diego 92103

(between Aladdin’s and formerly Panera, across the street from Trader Joes)

Screening: The Zionist Story

Ed: The Zionist Story tells of the events that brought about and continued to support the Jewish state of Israel. The mainstream media was and still is controlled by Zionists. Thus, the media told and tells the story in a way that hides the key role Zionists played. It was, in a sense, a false flag, in that it blamed any negative aspects brought on by Zionists, on peoples or states other than Zionists or Israel. This, in essence, is a false flag, and the reason it is presented here along with “Other False Flags.”

The Zionist Story (2009), an independent film by Ronen Berelovich, is the story of ethnic cleansing, colonialism and apartheid to produce a demographically Jewish State.

Ronen successfully combines archival footage with commentary from himself and others such as Ilan Pappe, Terry Boullata, Alan Hart and Jeff Halper.

From the author: I have recently finished an independent documentary, The Zionist Story, in which I aim to present not just the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but also the core reason for it: the Zionist ideology, its goals (past and present) and its firm grip not only on Israeli society, but also, increasingly, on the perception of Middle East issues in Western democracies.

These concepts have already been demonstrated in the excellent Occupation 101 (youtube version) documentary (screened here at Joyce Beers Center on July 13, 2014) made by Abdallah Omeish and Sufyan Omeish, but in my documentary I approach the subject from the perspective of an Israeli, ex-reserve soldier and someone who has spent his entire life in the shadow of Zionism.


Screening: Occupation 101

With discussion of current Israeli false-flag possibilities

The 2014 attack by Israel on Gaza has strong indicators of being instigated by a false-flag attack blamed on Hamas. Following the screening of “Occupation 101,” a member of both San Diegans for 9/11 Truth, and also Jewish Voices for Peace, as well as a Palestinian husband and wife, made presentations drawing from latest information “on the ground.”

Much of their “take” on the situation was published that very day in Global Research, in an article by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky. The article, ‘Justified Vengeance,’ The Pretext for Bombing Gaza: Was the Netanyahu Government behind the Killings of the Three Israeli Teenagers? lays out evidence for an Israeli false flag.

The discussion following these presentations and the movie was one of the best. The audience also included a number from Jewish Voices for Peace members.

As for the movie, it is a thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unlike any other film ever produced on the conflict — ‘Occupation 101’ presents a comprehensive analysis of the

facts and hidden truths surrounding the never ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions.

The film also details life under Israeli military rule, the role of the United States in the conflict, and the major obstacles that stand in the way of a lasting and viable peace. The roots of the conflict are explained through first-hand on-the-ground experiences from leading Middle East scholars, peace activists, journalists, religious leaders and humanitarian workers whose voices have too often been suppressed in American media outlets.

The film covers a wide range of topics — which include — the first wave of Jewish immigration from Europe in the 1880’s, the 1920 tensions, the 1948 war, the 1967 war, the first Intifada of 1987, the Oslo Peace Process, Settlement expansion, the role of the United States Government, the second Intifada of 2000, the separation barrier and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, as well as many heart wrenching testimonials from victims of this tragedy.