SCREENING: September 11 — The New Pearl Harbor (Parts 2 & 3)

Meeting at Joyce Beers Community Center screened Parts 2 & 3 of a powerful new 9/11 Truth film by Massimo Mazzucco.

Part 2 addresses the hijackers. Specific topics are:

  • Piss-poor pilots
  • Did someone know?
  • Airport security cameras
  • The black boxes

Part 3 addresses the airplanes. Specific topics:

  • Passenger jets or military drones?
  • What happened to the passengers?
  • The cell phone calls?



Passenger jets, or military drones?


United 93: A Tale of Two Planes?

A presentation by Dwain Deets

Narrative from flyer: The “Let’s Roll” legend of flight 93, made official by the 9/11 Commission Report and popularized by two movies and numerous books, is a classic American tale of courage and noble sacrifice. Evidence revealed through several FOIA responses, however, paints a contradictory, confusing, and perhaps impossible scenario. But, when the facts are considered in the context of a two plane theory, everything suddenly snaps into focus.