San Diegan’s for 9/11 Truth – Labor Day Outreach

San Diegan’s for 9/11 Truth – Labor Day Outreach
Sept. 2nd 2018 – USS Midway, San Diego Ca.

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“What a BEAUTIFUL day it was seeing many of you Outreachers. We kept going all day long, and it was one of the constant, busiest Outreaches in a long time. Lots of interaction with educated as well as curious people. Especially impressive was the thanks/praise we received from many for continuing our 9/11 Outreach, and quite a few stopped by to thank us for doing our pro-Palestinian outreach! That’s why we continue…..
Several of us discussed that this year, since Veterans Day, Nov 11 will fall on a Sunday, we will plan to do an Outreach that day, just down the Embarcadero a 100 yards or so to the South of where we normally set up (since the SD Vets For Peace will have their Memorial Tombstones set up in our area). It will be a great tie-in to “Never ending Wars from 9/11″ with the casualties prominently on display.” …Ret. Col. Dave Gapp
San Diegan’s for 9/11Truth

Tricked Into War: 9/11 & The War on Terror

Tricked Into War: 9/11 & The War on Terror
Lecture by Christopher Bollyn
Sunday, Sept. 9th 2018 – 6:30 pm
Joyce Beers Community Center
San Diego, California

“Tricked Into War – 9/11 & The War on Terror” is a presentation about how 9/11 was used to take the U.S. into an open-ended global War on Terror. The origin of the deception and the real strategic plan behind the war will be discussed. Q&A will follow the one-hour lecture.

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