SCREENING: Deborah Tavares

Topics addressed in the video – recent mysterious California fires, directed energy weapons (DEW), Rothschild ownership of PG&E, geoengineering, 5G, EMP, Agenda 21, and more.

Deborah Taveras will help connect dots to the “who” behind 9/11 and the more recent Rothschild mayhem afoot in the world.

Deborah is a tireless researcher and activist.
Her website is

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DEBORAH TAVARES & THE FAKE PG&E EMAIL HOAX (THE CALIFORNIA FIRES HOAX). For all other Deborah Tavares hoaxes (NASA, Silent Weapons, Iron Mountain, Agenda 21, Genocide, Judge DALE, etc.), click here. THE HOAX: In the PG&E FAKE Email Hoax, Deborah Tavares claims to have obtained emails which effectively prove that PG&E caused the recent fires in California by beaming energy beams from satellites in space at California. But, her claims about these emails are lies. They are FORGERIES. VIDEOS OF DEBORAH TAVARES ENGAGED IN THE HOAX (Jeff Rense is not involved in the hoax) (at 11:10-20:00)–FC_oQ (at… Read more »