Screening and Commentary: How to Start a Revolution

A commentary (How to view the film) in the form of an outline was presented before the screening. Following the video, discussion delved into the various points from the outline.

How to view the film:

  1. Face view — Enjoy message
    • Cool ways to popular power
  2. Who are these guys? What’s behind it?
    • Obama the Postmodern Coup (Book)
    • Color Revolution plus Geo Politics (Blog)
    • Wikipideia: Gene Sharp, Color Revolution, Otpor!
  3. Can we use this for our goals?
  4. Maybe things to watch for: Dirty War Ukraine

(Book) authored by Webster Tarplay (2008)
Otpor! (written in Serbian Cyrillic — in English, means Resistance!)

Film description from producers

The BAFTA award winning Documentary following the work of three time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Gene Sharp. As waves of revolutionary spirit sweep the world, one man’s ideas continue to inspire, mobilize and unite protestors, giving them the tools to topple authoritarian regimes. Quiet, unassuming, and softly spoken, 83 year old Professor Gene Sharp is celebrated by revolutionaries and feared by dictators. So what are his ideas, how have they spread from his tiny Boston office, and how are they actually used on the ground? With exclusive footage and unprecedented access, this film shows how Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene’s controversial book ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy’ has been used against dictatorships from Serbia to Ukraine to Iran, climaxing in its use in the Egyptian revolution and the ongoing Syrian uprising. We see how the book’s 198 ‘weapons’ of nonviolent action have brought dramatic results, and why it has become the standard manual for anyone wanting to start a revolution. Through exclusive interviews with Gene, his associates and the revolutionary leaders he has inspired, this film goes behind the scenes of revolutions, showing the sheer force of non-violent people power. With revealing footage filmed covertly in Egypt and Syria, it explores how social media can now be used to threaten dictators. This is the inspirational story of the power of people to change their world, the modern revolution, and the man behind it all.

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